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  • Hours of Operation
    Monday 2 PM - 7 PM SLT (PST) Tuesday 2 PM - 7 PM SLT (PST) Wednesday 2 PM - 7 PM SLT (PST) Thursday 2 PM - 7 PM SLT (PST) Appointments requested outside of our designated hours of operation will typically not be accommodated unless an exception has been granted by our dedicated OWMC staff. Should these hours not align with your schedule, we encourage you to connect with OWMC support for further assistance and potential alternatives. Your comfort and needs are our priority.
  • Do I have to purchase one of the constructed packages?
    Absolutely not! You have the freedom to select and purchase individual add-ons, tailoring your own unique package to perfectly suit your preferences. Important Note: It's important to emphasize that you are not obligated to buy the Hōkai Essential package in order to create a custom package. Our custom packages begin at $L 3,000, allowing you to design an experience that's uniquely yours.
  • How do I pay for the services?
    We gladly welcome two methods of payment: Second Life Currency (Lindens) and CashApp. You can utilize either of these options during your initial appointment. However, if you're on a payment plan, we kindly request you to get in touch with OWMC support before proceeding with a CashApp payment. It's important to note that any payments made prior to contacting OWMC support will not be subject to refunds. Your cooperation ensures a smooth and secure financial process.
  • Want to visit?
    Embark on a journey to Oceanside Wellness & Maternity Clinic and discover the exceptional offerings provided by our dedicated team! Grab a taxi ♥
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